16. Bandwidth authority session, September 2018

16.1. Desired attendees

  • dirauths
  • net-team
  • test-net
  • metrics-team

16.2. Status

past meeting goal: Requirements (Mar 2018)

  • something that makes measurements: paths, file size, destination, etc independent and configurable
  • easy to understand, maintain and run:
    • proper python package, minimal requirements
    • docs: extensive docs
    • system package: Debian, OpenBSD Makefile

DONE! :-)

16.3. briefly, how sbws works

  • net
    • 2 hops
    • prioritization entry
    • web server
  • aggregation
    • scaling

Details: Simple bandwidth scanner (sbws)

16.4. Bandwidth values in Tor

Bandwidth values in Tor (Aug 2018)

16.5. Torflow aggregation

Torflow measurements aggregation

Mostly depends on descriptor observed-bandwidth, ie relays self-reported bandwidth.

16.6. How to measure improvements

How to measure improvements

16.7. Infrastructure

  • where scanners should be? - 1 in Germany and 1 in USA cause it is where most of the bandwidth is? - possible providers: better coop, no big companies? (TODO: example providers)
  • who should run them? - volunteers
  • how they should be funded? - torservers and similar
  • where the web servers should be? - 1 in CDN: how to get that in Torproject fastly?
  • should they be in the same locations as the scanners?
  • how secure needs the machine to be?
  • do they need to be a dedicated server?
  • is it important the physical access of the server?

16.8. Others

  • documentation
  • work organization

Notes; [BwAuthMex]