4. bwscanner

  • by Aaron Gibson and others
  • 2016
  • use [Twisted] and [txtorcon]
  • not production ready
  • currently unmaintained


4.1. Path algorithm

What [BwscannerTwoHops] seems to do, needs review

  • Create set with exits

  • Order exits by bw

  • Take relay subset as random from 0? to num total relays (including exits?) taken by number of partitions

  • For every relay in a sample of the relay subset

    • Build path with that relay

      • For every exit

        • If exit bandwith < relay bandwith and there’re still exits

          • Take other exit
        • Take exits slice from the exit we are to the nuber of exits slice

        • Take exits needed as the number of exits slice - the number of exits slice

        • If there’re exits needed

        • If relay is in exits slice

        • Return a random from exit slice