Differences with sbwsΒΆ

  1. External API:

    1.1. Bandwidth File

    1.2. Scanner

    • onbasca only measures relays with a descriptor (solves tpo/network-health/sbws#40076).

    • onbasca does not try to download the data 3 times adjusting the size according to the time it took, as sbws does (see #2, #3).

      In the future it should use a better algorithm than sbws (see tpo/network-health/sbws#30232, tpo/network-health/sbws#29291).

    • onbasca does not try to measure as entry an exit that fails to be measured as exit (solved in sbws by #40041 and others). Maybe this should be re-implemented.

    1.3. Logs

  2. Behaviour and/or trend days after an incident:

    2.1. Web Server

  3. Tests

    • onbasca assumes congestion control enabled (cc_alg=2, bwscanner_cc>=1) while sbws only enable it for congestion control tests. The reason is due sbws needing to be compatible with previous tests.