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Tor bandwidth authorities run bandwidth scanners to measure the relays capacity in the Tor network. They send their results to the directory authorities, which use them to calculate the bandwidth weights of the relays, what influences how the paths between relays and built.

The bandwidth scanners play and important role on the performance and security of the Tor network.

This project aims at improving the current bandwidth scanner implementation and research on the current issues in the network related to bandwidth measurements and weights.

The bandwidth scanner being improved is sbws:

The improvements on core-Tor:


This site compiles information related to bandwidth in Tor, the current status and the improvements, but the main documentation is on the Websites of the software being improved.

For any issues or suggestions, please open an issue

You can clone this documentation on Github, or download it as pdf or epub

Documentation in **this site** about Tor bandwidth and scanners:

Useful documentation copied from other resources: